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Yes. I just checked my rules. And under the last rule (make it up as you go along), I’ve decided that hobbies will count as one thing each.

One of my favourite personal belongs is my cheese making kit. A 2008 birthday present from Mi Amor. It is filled with all sorts of goodies: baskets, cheese cloth, recipe book, sterile containers that look so professional and fun stuff like wax and mould.

This collection is perfect. No excess.

So Peaceful living (thanks for your comment) my answer is: a collection of supplies can be one item if it has already been pared done to the perfect ‘enough’ point.

*to find out about the magic ‘enough’ point you should read: Your Money or Your Life.


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While one of the originators of the online ‘thing’ list, Elliot, included everything he owned in his list, I’ve decided instead to follow Dave’s footsteps and just work on reducing my personal items. This will also be easier as a person in a relationship (I can’t imagine Mi Amor being very amorous if I decided that the Xbox wasn’t really worthy of a place on The List). So my first rule is that I’ll only list the things that I have exclusive use of, just my stuff.

For clarity I have decided to list each item separately but I foresee (so far my first count is already around 200 items) the need to move away from everything being perfectly individual if I want any chance of reaching 100. For example, Dave decided to group his books into a library. I think this is great, I’ve always liked the idea of curating. Plus I don’t see any point in listing out essential items (think underwear, corporate work shirts) I know I won’t reduce.

From there, I think I’ll just make my own rules, because it is after all a personal challenge.

Elliot's 101 Things which he stores in a rucksack

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