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This week as been rainy and overcast, which is very unusual for Australia in summer and more unusual for my town which has been in drought for the last 15years. The rain is welcomed by the dry soils and welcomed by my solemn mood.

Being stuck in the low 200s with still 100+ possessions to part with I need inspiration. I’ve given myself a bit of breathing space from the challenge over the last few days, asking myself if I really want to continue, and the answer has been yes. Even with my rather low 214 things I still feel cramped and overwhelmed, I feel like I need to continue. So I’ve opened my eyes to inspiration and found;

Down to Earth, a beautiful blog written by an accomplished ‘simple liver’, Rhonda. This blog has a wonderful embracing community spirit, lots of good practical advice and what seems to be a love story – of two people living contently – running through it. It has reminded me of the bigger picture of a simple life. It has made me feel that while my challenge is useful for what I personally need, it is just one step in the long and fulfilling journey of Simple Living.

So with this in my mind I made a little time last night to work towards my goal. As Katy taught me a few days ago as The Non-Consumer Advocate (my favourite blog); No effort is ever wasted. So I approached my wardrobe with a big sigh and held clearly in my mind the end result as I pushed more and more unnecessary clothes into my large Indian duffle bag. This has definitely been the hardest part of the challenge so far.

Items: 214


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