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While I was visiting Madrid in 2006 I noticed a lot of girls wearing leopard print shoes – it was love at first sight, and by the end of the day I had a pair of my own. A few months ago I finally wore through the sole of one shoe and I’m embarrassed to say I stuck a piece of sticky tape over the hole to get through the after work walk to my car.

Normally I’d just get new soles put on but unfortunately these were a cheap pair of shoes. The sole is a kind of foam (oh so comfy) and I can’t see how a shoemaker would separate it from the equally cheap inner-sole. They kinda pass the smile test, they are great to wear and always look good under jeans and black capris. But, a few minutes ago I gave myself an ultimatum; fix them or throw them.

I based the final decision on their overall shabbiness. If I’m only going to have 30 items of clothing they better be good; in quality, in wearability and in looks and these ballet flats, with their scuffs and mangled bows, just didn’t make the cut so out they went.

Also out; a half painted canvas. Going with yesterday’s flow – that painting isn’t a practical ‘hobby’ for me – I have stopped kidding myself that I’m ever going to finish the canvas. So into the bin it went, another tiny weight off my shoulders.

Items: 291


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Three pairs of shoes out the door. I had already resoled one pair but they had now lost their strength and I haven’t wore them since 2007. A pair of cream suede flats were embarrassingly scuffed with black marks, these had also been sitting in my wardrobe unworn for over a year. The third set was some raspberry velvet flats. I bought these at some markets in Singapore. They are gorgeous but have stretched quiet a bit and really don’t get much wear because of this.

Continuing the wardrobe saga I made more progress yesterday. I added to the clothes that I’ll see through the second-hand store and have packed in a travel bag all the clothes I think might not make it to the 100 thing list. This even includes tops and skirts I’ve only bought in the last few months, I just want to see how I go without them. Now I have 47 items left in my summer wardrobe and about 13 pairs of shoes. I think this needs to get down to a total of 30 things. Ahr! I don’t know how I’m going to do it.

Items: 356

(I just realised that I didn’t count the tan heels in the first place 😦 so it’s only less 2 items )

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